I picture 2 people sitting near a lush green land with waterfalls crashing down and creating a mist of vapor that carries the scent of roses that bloom in the morning sun, as the earths winds quietly and swiftly move along the grass making them sway back and forth, with flying creatures, birds, hell even dragons if u would like gliding with glittering eyes to the orange sky's of the earth.


I picture the empire and flag of the greatest evils have fallen by the hand of one lone hero. Though, now, he lay on the ground. Strucken down. He cannot move.. The pains are overwhelming. But he still lies peacefully, looking up at the vast amount of stars that appear when the red mist of the empire fades away.... All of the comotion... Becomes quiet. He knew he had forfilled his goal to bring peace to this world... If only for a short while. He draws his last breath, he hears a familiar voice!